Z – Zoom, Zoom


What if we could Zoom-in to things with just our eyes?

There are times when I’m trying to take a picture of some wildlife that I don’t get the shot because the animal moves away before I can get set-up, or before I can get close enough to make a good shot. If only my phone had a zoom lens that allowed me to take good pictures and not get close enough to scare my subjects away!zoom fall

My wife has told me many times that I have to learn to look at these animals and potential pictures in real life without the camera and fix the picture in my mind. How many of you have spent time at your child’s performance or event, a beautiful scenic view,  watching only through the lens of a camera?


What if you didn’t have a camera or a zoom lens, but you could do all the same things with just your eye? What if your eye had a built in Zoom?

You’re at a mountain resort. The sky, the cascade of mountains as well as the trees in the foreground are reflected in the lake before you. It’s a beautiful vision.


You notice a bird flying over the trees and are not quite sure what kind it is. Luckily for you, you can use your zoom eye to get a closer look.

It is a hawk:  hawk-300x213  Now isn’t that cool!

You have a splisplinternter or there is a tick on you. You’re not sure where it is or what kind it is. So you use your zoom eye to get a better look.

We recently noticed that some of our water had little particulates in it. The zoom eye would have been perfect to get a close look at the particulates so that we could do some analysis. Think of what this could mean for scientists.

Imagine as a driver, how much ahead of where you are you could see to avoid accidents and find alternate routes to take.

Having a Zoom-in eye has lots of benefits. Hopefully, you would have full control over it and it doesn’t go rogue on you. I wonder if there would be a benefit to having your eyes worked independently of each other, possibly one a long range zoom and the other a wide-angle zoom.

And what if you could actually make permanent records of all of those great scenes and events and project them for others to see?

Using my zoom-in eye I also notice something else. Today is:  April 30. Isometric Calendar Icon With Shadow.Vector Illustration,Flat Style.Month and Date.Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday.Week,Weekend,Red Letter Day. Holidays 2017. and the final day of the A to Z Blog Challenge for 2017. It’s been fun. You’ll have to wait a little while for my Reflection piece on this year’s challenge, but certainly, keep an eye on my Blog for more writing throughout the year. As for next year’s Challenge, you’ll just have to wait, unless you can see that far ahead.

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I have been telling stories for over 35 years. As a retired teacher, I hope to expand upon my repertoire and use this blog as a place to do writing. The main purpose is to give me and others that choose to comment, a space in which to play with issues that deal with storytelling, storytelling ideas, storytelling in education, reactions to events, etc. I will also explore some of my own writing, from character analysis to fictional and personal stories. Enjoy!
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