T – Who’s got the Time?

What if we could travel through time?

The concept of time travel has always fascinated me. Some of my favorite TV shows have all involved time travel, such as

Doctor Who DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 

The Time Tunnel,     Journey Man,

and this year’s Timeless  to mention a few.    

And then there are the books I’ve read from Audrey Niffenegger’s,

The Time Traveler’s Wife,  to lots of books by one of my favorite authors,

Connie Willis        


As I suggested, I am fascinated by time travel. What if it was possible? Where would you want to go? First, you would have to decide, past or future. Then global historical/future or personal historical/future.

There are so many choices it is hard to know where to start. 

From a personal point of view, I’m much more interested in going back into my parents

‘Harold, I told you to take out the trash!’

and ancestors past than my own, though I wouldn’t mind periodically going back to my own past so that I could get the real story on some of the things that I thought I did when I was younger and also be able to jump back to a short time span ago in order to catch up on some things I didn’t have time to do.


The difficulty I would have with longer jump backs in my heritage is that other than my parents, all my ancestors only spoke german, making language a difficulty. But I’ll assume that if time travel were a reality, understanding other languages might not be an issue. I really don’t have much interest in seeing my future. I’d rather live those days as they come, though I would be interested in my descendants’ future. It would be fun to know what part of me gets passed on.

From a historical point of view, I like the concept of Connie Willis’s books of “Time Historians” I would like to go back in time and see historical events as they happened. In my youth, I used to put myself into different fictional stories and it was my influence that influenced the main characters to do what was written in the book. (see http://www.hdhstory.net/Storyblog/?p=37)

I’m not sure if I went back in time to a historical event that I would want to influence events. There are too many issues with parallel timelines and what would happen if a certain event didn’t occur or occurred differently.  And I certainly would not want to be lost in time where I end my life in the past rather than in my own future timeline.

But it would so cool to be able to study history by being at the moments when these historical things took place. We’d have to come up with a new term for the records you kept from those events. Instead of being primary sources from people that were at the events, you could call them “timeary” sources from a Time Historian witnessing, writing or recording of the events.

Until then I’ll just have to remain attached to my present time machine that really works. Unfortunately, it doesn’t go very fast and only goes into the future (one second at a time).

‘It’s a time machine, but it only goes forward in time. There, you see? I’ve just arrived here from two seconds ago.’

Now What if we could stop time? There’s something to think about. You’ll have to hold that thought; I’ll get back to you.

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S – Sleep no more or less

What if sleep was needed for only a short period of time?

Did you ever think about the sleep cycle babies have? They wake up constantly throughout the night, demanding to be fed, or just wanting to be held. We pray for the days when they can sleep through the night. Well, what if sleeping through the night, that we are so accustomed to, was not the norm? And in fact it was discovered that we didn’t need 8-10 hours a night; 3 to 4 hours were all that were needed. How would our lives change?I’m going to focus more on the adult part of life rather than the growing up as a child part of life. I’m also going to make the assumption that these 3 to 4 hours of sleep will be all we need to replenish our cells and bodies, so you’ll have to change your present frame of mind.

What would you be doing with all that extra time? Would you be binge watching more TV? How about play versus work? Would you take it easy and do more relaxing activities or become more of a workaholic?

What happens to our mind and bodies when we relax more? There is less stress. However, with increased relaxation, might come less exercise. Do we now gain more weight, especially since now we have more hours of wakefulness and probably eat more? Does that mean having 4 meals a day instead of 3, or just more snacks throughout the day?

And those workaholics out there…

Would the demands of your job increase? Would the 40-hour week increase, since now you’ll have more time and can build in more breaks so that you don’t have to overwork?

And though your body does replenish itself, would working longer hours have an affect on your body? With all of the increased expectations, would you age faster?

There are lots of things to consider if you had to sleep less. It’s said that we spend ? of our life sleeping. There is a lot of body replenishing, imaginative thought (dreams) and improvements to our well being, during that long time of our lives, that we might be losing. Now think of how much more we could accomplish with a longer wake time. But at what costs? Would it be worth it? Eight hours a night seems just about right for me.

Now, what if you were a kid with all that extra time You could go to school for a longer part of the day, which would include more recesses and even more learning? And your teachers could actually complete, in one year, what they are required to teach.  Wouldn’t that be exciting?

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R – Rants and Reckless Drivers

What if Reckless drivers had immediate consequences?

You’re driving down a two-lane road and you notice that the car behind you is about a foot from your rear bumper. You’re going the speed limit. If you can, you pull over to let the driver behind you pass. They speed by you 10 or more miles per hour faster than you’re doing. If you don’t pull to the side they manage to bob and weave around you at that high speed and continue to do so to any other driver that doesn’t accede to their full-throttled speed desire. Sometimes a driver in the lane to your right chooses to cut in front of you, with inches to spare, to do some bobbing and weaving of their own.

You are approaching a stop sign and watch the cars in front of you just glide through the stop sign, sometimes slowing down and sometimes not. And as we all know when the traffic light turns orange, it means we should speed up.

How many drivers do you pass, when you’re out on the road, that are on their phones? I’ve also seen drivers in their cars putting on make-up, shaving, and brushing their teeth; and not all doing these things when their cars are stopped.

Every one of these actions is reckless and dangerous. Most of the time there are no police around to stop and ticket any of these individuals. There are no consequences. But what if there were immediate consequences?

In my head, I always see my car loaded with photon torpedos, like in Star Trek, and when someone cuts me off or travels close to the speed of light, I have the ability to fire upon them.

My wife would like a maglev device that activates immediately when those cars speed by, raising them above all of the traffic at the exact spot that they are, holding them in the air for the appropriate amount of time before letting them down to continue their journey.

Imagine, instead of those traffic “gotcha” cameras that record you when you run a stop sign or red light, there would be paintball guns that automatically fired at your car as you pass them. Everyone seeing your car covered with assorted paintball splotches would know exactly what you were doing.

Texting or calling on your phones, without a handsfree device, would automatically disconnect your calls, or provide some sort of electrical jolt to the hand holding the phone or better yet, immediately slow your car down.

It’s very frustrating and scary at times when driving and you watch all of these drivers risking your life. I wish there was something that could be done on a global scale, other than letting my imagination run wild, which even though at times reduces my anger and road rage, but also distracts me.

I don’t claim to be perfectly innocent. There are times when I’m traveling faster than the speed limit allows, but never to extent that it is more than 5-7 miles over the speed limit. And having been on the receiving end of a running a stop sign ticket and not making a full stop at a right on red for a long enough period of time fine, I’ve learned not to do that.

There are real laws out there that give consequences to reckless drivers. In some cases, it is a fine, in some cases jail, and yet in others revocation of driving privileges. There are just not enough people to enforce it. Until we find ways to increase the way we catch these drivers and hold them accountable, the roads will remain places of anxiety and danger.

What if we could develop something like Star Trek’s transporter system, where we could beam ourselves where we want to be and not drive at all? Considering how crowded some of the roads are, I would be a little concerned about complications of beaming through all the rush hour people and getting to where I want to be in one (totally me) piece.


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Q – Can you put that in the form of a question?

What if you could only speak using questions?

Is it true that you can have a conversation only using questions?

Is that possible?

What if you asked someone?

Who would know the answer?

What if you asked a linguist?

What makes a linguist know anything about questions?

Isn’t the linguist the one who studies speaking patterns?

Does a linguist work with sounds or actual words?

How would words or sounds address questions?

Would it be better to focus on ideas?

Do you think by asking questions only, one could get an idea across?

What would the idea be?

Can you express an idea only using questions?

When is the best time to use questions in a writing piece?

What if you used one in the beginning of a story to attract the reader?

What about the middle of a story to keep the reader thinking?

Kid to mom: ‘Will I ever run out of questions?’

What about right at the end to set up a sequel to your story?

Would you want the reader to think of possible scenarios following the story even if you don’t plan to write a sequel?

Wouldn’t that just frustrate the reader, knowing there is no resolution?

Would they think the resolution was meant to be unknown?

Or would you think the author is just milking it to make more money?

Do authors write just to make money?

Why shouldn’t a writer make some money for the hard work that’s put into their work?

Shouldn’t we resolve the issue we started at the beginning of this piece?

What makes you think we didn’t resolve it?

Can a conversation be had just using questions?

Don’t you think it’s up to the readers of this blog to determine if we succeeded or not?

Where do you think we’ll find the answer?

Isn’t the comment section below where readers can express their opinion?

What if the answer is not in the form of a question?

Why don’t we just wait and see?

You really like asking questions, don’t you?


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P – Politics, not as usual, please.

What if politicians could only talk about themselves?

Is anyone out there tired of politics and election rhetoric? Had enough of the abusive name calling and blaming others for everything? Well, I have a new idea that I would like to put forward.

As a teacher, when students are having a conflict, we ask them to only use “I” statements in instead of blame statements. “I did this when that happened.” or “I feel bad when you do that.” instead of “Let me tell you what he did.” or “He’s the one started that.”  If only politicians followed the same rule.

So here’s the new guidelines: For anyone that wants to run for any political office, local, state or national, not only will you need to be qualified based on whatever rules are required for that position, and have the correct amount of signatures, if any, necessary to be on the ballot, but throughout your campaign you are only allowed to talk about yourself and what you bring to the table.

I need to clarify the last part of that idea. Maybe, once I explain it,  one of you readers can word it better than I did and propose it as a law. I am not advocating prospective candidates go on big ego trips, though some probably will.  It would be nice to know all of your great accomplishments and what your plans are should you get elected, but you shouldn’t be allowed to say anything about any of the other candidates. Personally, I really don’t want to hear what’s wrong with the existing office holders or what’s wrong with the present system. If you are a good candidate, then I should know that based on what you propose and my own knowledge of the existing situation what is going on.

It would be nice and even required since there won’t be anyone pointing out your faults, that you present those faults as part of your own speeches.  “These are the mistakes that I’ve made over my tenure on this issue and here is what I’ve learned from those mistakes.”

To go along with these new rules, it would still be appreciated having impartial fact checkers and also non-partisan groups that present what the issues are and show what each of the candidates stand for. Since the negative attacks that fill the airways about each person wouldn’t exist, people could decide on their own which candidate supports their opinion and they should vote for rather than who they should vote against.

Of course, all this assumes that the voters, not only are knowledgeable about the issues but are willing to hear what all the candidates are saying about themselves with a critical mind.

What if that had to be part of the law too?


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O – Opportunity Knocks!

What if opportunity were to knock again?

“Some say opportunity knocks only once, that is not true. Opportunity knocks all the time, but you have to be ready for it. If the chance comes, you must have the equipment to take advantage of it.” – Louis L’Amour

How many times has some sort of opportunity knocked at your door and you chose to ignore it? It might have been because you didn’t realize it was an opportunity, or you were afraid the opportunity would fail, or you didn’t have the time or money to invest in it? Did you have regrets?  

How many times did you take the risk and that opportunity paid off?

When I graduated from college, I couldn’t find a job as a teacher, so I got a job as a stockboy for J.C. Penney’s. After working there for 6 months, I was offered a job in the Shoreham-Wading River School District as an administrative aide to the new principal of the SWR Middle School, Dennis Littky. He had been my supervising professor in the education department at Stony Brook University but left Stony Brook to become the principal of this newly formed school. The salary offered me was less than I was making at J.C. Penney’s. Opportunity though was knocking. I chose to take the job because it put me into the education field which is where I wanted to be. Within a month of working there, I resigned because I was hired by another school district (Three Village) to be a permanent 6th grade leave replacement teacher for the remainder of the year (5 months). I was now a teacher. As the year came to an end, Three Village offered me a job in their new 5th-grade open classroom and Shoreham offered me a job as a 6th grade teacher in their new middle school. I picked correctly and ended up teaching in Shoreham-Wading River for 33 years until I retired. (Three Village actually closed the school that I was working in a few years after I left.) Opportunity knocked and I answered.

There were opportunities too that I chose not to take. For instance, I was one of the early users of Apple Computers (I owned an Apple //e) and also AppleLink Personal Edition (the future America Online) and had the opportunity when both went public, to invest in them. I knew very little about investing money and wasn’t sure they were going anywhere so I didn’t invest.  How many of you had those kinds of opportunities and didn’t take them? I’ll bet there are some regrets there.

Unfortunately, when opportunities come along they don’t always announce themselves to you.

Opportunity knocked.



And even when they do, you may not be in the right frame of mind or circumstances to take them.

So the question is, knowing what you know now if those opportunities were to revisit you, would you take them? What would be different in your life now, had you taken the opportunities when originally offered? Where would you be?

Are there circumstances now, having not taken the original opportunity, which impact this decision in a different way, given that it’s the same choice again?

For me, if I had taken the Apple offerings I would hope to be wealthier. But what changes would that choice have made on the career path I took? Would I have been as willing to retire (with a medical insurance buyout) as early as I did or even taught as long as I did? Would I have traveled more? Would I have purchased Islander season tickets? Serious questions.

On the other hand, I’m still a skeptic investor and somewhat concerned about the unknown and taking financial risks. Given the same opportunity to invest in a startup company that had potential future gains, I probably would make the same decision I did then. At least this time I wouldn’t be making the decision on my own. Being single, when some of my opportunities came knocking, then and being married now certainly would affect my/our decisions.

Of course, throughout my life, there were many opportunities not taken that I should have. Continuing with piano lessons when I was younger to improve my musical skills, pursuing my desire to become a published writer, talking to my parents and relatives more when they were alive to learn more about my ancestors, learning german and traveling to Germany to find out more about my family’s past, and not going to France to visit my brother before he became ill, to mention a few.  

Opportunity came and went. Though some of those opportunities may come back again. I still could publish. I still could travel. Some I know have passed for good. That begs the question, those that do come back or new ones that show their faces, what will I decide to do?  Your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully, I’ll make the right choice.

Now what if time travel becomes a reality? Can I go back and influence myself to take those opportunities the first time? Time will tell.

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N – Nothing, Nada, Null, Rein, Zero

What if I have nothing to write?

There comes a time in a writer’s day that they are stumped as to what to write about. So how do I resolve this dilemma? The simplest solution is I don’t write, which is probably the one I choose more often than not. But if you are looking to write, or have to write, because it is April 15th and you need something that fits the letter “N”, here are some ideas:


Two books that I’ve used in the past are, Steering the Craft by Ursula K. LeGuin ©1981 and In the Beginning – Great First Lines From Your Favorite Books collected by Hans Bauer ©1991. The first book gives you exercises that you can do to improve your writing, the other gives you a lot of first lines on which to base an idea you might have. Actually reading the first lines of any books you have can be good starting off points. I’ve also used the book, Telling Your Own Stories by Donald Davis ©1993. Davis’s book is really good if you are looking to write some personal narratives. It is full of memory prompts.

Of course, ranting is a great way to start of writing. Go after those things that annoy you and write away. You’ll have to wait until my “R” entry to see what some of that looks like.

The last way that I use is to start writing. Describe a place or a person, and let it evolve into something on its own. Here is an example of the start of one of my pieces of writing:

It was cold and dark in the small cottage. The wind howled as the couple clung to each other to maintain warmth. It had been a long time since they could afford wood for the fire. Food supplies were minimal. Their chance of survival was slim unless their son returned soon to save them with much-needed supplies.  He had been gone for two days.

Their son had problems of his own. It had been a long time since he had seen his parents. They sent him away to another village where people could afford to satisfy the needs of a growing boy shortly after he was born. He had returned to his natural parents as a strapping 16 year old. He was not aware of state he would find them. He had returned for only 3 days when they sent him off in search of sustenance and basics necessary for all their survival.

Though he understood the need to help his parents, they abandoned him for 16 years, so he didn’t feel the driving compulsion to assist. He was doing it more out of expectations of a son, than heartfelt desire.

Being new to this area created another problem. He was in the middle of a dark forest and had no clue as to where he was. He was lost and time was running out.


When I wrote this I had no idea of the plot of the story or where it was going to go. But I did get it written down. So now that I look at it almost 1-½ years later, I’m encouraged to pursue it. Anyone wishing to give me suggestions as to where I should take this story feel free to make them; at the moment I have no idea.

Doing this kind of writing leaves you with a bank of material to work from when you are stuck with no things to write about. As a teacher, I taught my elementary students the elements of story (see http://www.hdhstory.net/Storyblog/?p=28). In the process, we designed all of the elements for a particular story – character, setting, time, problem, helpers, hinderers, and solution. I would take all that information and write the beginning of the story and then pass it back to the students to finish the story. I still have all those beginnings of stories that I had written.

So when you have nothing to write, my suggestion is that you keep writing. You can even fill up a page of writing like I just did for today and it still can be meaningful.

And just imagine, what if one of those ramblings goes on and gets you published? Wouldn’t that be exciting?

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M – What are you? A lesson in morphing.

What if you could morph into something else?

If you’re a fan of the new Supergirl TV show (or a DC Comics fan) you know there is a character on it called J’onn J’onzz. He is a martian and one of his abilities is to be able to transform himself (or morph) into someone else.

There was a TV show on in the 1980’s, Manimal where the main character, crime fighter Jonathan Chase, could morph into any animal.

There are a number of online apps and computer apps that allow you to take two pictures and have them morph into one another.

Click here to watch me change into an owl: https://goo.gl/eqA5iP

Then there is a podcast I listen to “The Icebox Radio Theater” where there is a character in one of their broadcasts, Mustard Girl, who has the ability to morph into any object.

So what would you like the ability to morph into? Personally, I would like to have a combination of all three of them, with more of an emphasis on animals and objects. You’ve heard the idiom “be a fly on the wall”, in reference to how you could overhear a conversation. With those abilities, you could actually be a fly on the wall. As a fly, you risk being swatted, so maybe “a book on the shelf” or a “bulb in a fixture”. Do you think my students would notice an extra desk or chair in the room when they think no one’s watching?

Granted, this can get to be a bit creepy and invasive, but it sure would be fun. Imagine being out in the country and just morphing into a horse or in the sea and morphing into a dolphin just to roam free.

Right now I think I’ve written enough for today, so what if I just morph myself into a pillow and take a nap.

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L – Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

What if lying caused some physical changes in you?

We all know the story of Pinocchio. The wooden boy who wanted to become real. His major handicap, in that quest, was that whenever he told a lie, his nose would grow. Telling the truth would return it to its original size. Having some sort of indicator that you are telling a lie, in this case, helped Pinocchio realize some of his faults so that he could correct them. The end result, he becomes human, which is interesting in itself, for I know of no human who hasn’t lied at one time or another. But what if in reality, some physical changes did occur in you when you lied?

There are two ways to explore this. In the real world, what are the ways we already physically change when we lie, and in the fantasy world, similar to Pinocchio, what physical changes would seem appropriate to happen to you?

In the real world, there are already established practices and theories that can detect when you are lying.  The most popular one is the lie detector (or polygraph machine) test. If you’re like most people, lying makes your heart race, you pant, your blood pressure increased, and you drip sweat. A polygraph machine detects lies by looking for signs of these physiological changes

Another way to detect lying is through neuro-linguistic programming. (https://goo.gl/O6Ek5C) This is considered by some a pseudo-science, but people do believe in it. The gist of it is that your body is programmed to show where your thoughts are coming from. The window to those thoughts is through your eyes. By watching someone’s eye movements while they are talking, you can determine if the words they are sharing with you are actual recollections, or invented stories; whether they are auditorily remembered, visually remembered, kinesthetically remembered (touch, feel, smell), or there is internal dialogue that is occurring as they speak.

The eye movements are very subtle and you really have to know what you’re looking for in order to see. Check out this one minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hF5Vh3gvpU 

Both of these methods are defeatable if you are aware of what they do and you are trained to subvert them, like I guess some spies are.

What would be more interesting would be the Pinocchio scenario. Imagine that whenever you lie, there is a physical growth or shrinkage to a part of your body that is directly connected to the lie.

“You’ve been lying through your back teeth again.”

You start a rumor and either your tongue or ears begin to grow. You lie about stealing something, your hands grow. You lie about some abuse or sexual exploit and certain parts of your body would begin to shrink. Use your imagination.


Maybe your nose, similar to Pinocchio, can be the default organ of growth, for those lies that don’t fit into any category. The bigger the lie, the more intense the physical reaction.

The downside of any of this is that there are times we lie purposely to protect people. Someone just died and you want to hold off telling someone until after their birthday. You don’t want to ruin the image of a person to an infant, like their father or mother are bad people.  And there are just lies that are accepted, because we know the truth will out itself eventually with no real harm being done. Think of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the ghost that lives in my house that always hides my keys, so that I can’t find them.

The plus side is being able to see when someone is trying to deceive you. Picture if you will what politicians, car salesmen, repair people and for you teachers out there, some of your students, would look like. I can just imagine!

Remember mood rings. Those rings that changed color supposedly based on your emotional state. What if they could also be made to detect lying? Would you be as willing to purchase them like you did when they only showed moods?

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K – I kid you not!

I start this off with a disclaimer – The following blog entry has no direct connection to any desire I have or have ever had. I love my wife and son, with all my heart, and have never had any second thoughts or desires in my life, to not have them part of it.  I wouldn’t want my life to be any different than it is today.

What if I never had kids?

Having kids is an important part of the continuing of a species. Watching them develop, as they grow up, enriches our lives and helps us become better, more compassionate, and empathetic individuals. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But…what if we went through our individual lives and had no kids? To speculate on this, I have it a little easier than some parents, as I only have one child. So as I share my thoughts, I realize that there are those of you with multiple children, whose lives are different from mine, and whose experiences would have more ramifications had you no children to begin with. I also acknowledge that there are those of you that already have no kids, either by choice or misfortune. I leave it to you to write about the what having kids would be like.


I had been married for 3 years when my son was born. The day he was born, my life, as I knew it, changed. I now had a family. Someone to nurture and protect with the help of my wife. My wife ended her job so that she could stay home for a while and raise our son. As she went back to work, we had to find temporary caretakers of this being. The money that I had been putting each paycheck into IRA’s and such had to be decreased and stopped, so we could afford enough to continue living as we were accustomed to with this added mouth to feed and clothe. There were new concerns about everyone’s health and welfare that added to our daily anxieties and stress. Thankfully, so far, everything is working out.  

But if we didn’t have kids, a lot of these changes would not have occurred. The direction our lives would have taken would have been different. Since we both wanted to have a child, the stress and fears of not being successful at achieving that goal would have remained. That, at some point, would have had to resolve itself eventually, probably due to our ages.

If we had decided not to have children, to begin with, then our careers would probably have become more of a priority and the continuance of saving some money for our retiring years. My wife and I enjoyed dancing at Folk music events that were held locally, which is where we actually met (see http://www.hdhstory.net/Storyblog/?p=402). We eventually stopped going, since we had a child to take care of and also our interest in dancing waned. Without a child, we would have probably kept up the dancing and the concerts.


We would have probably traveled a bit more. My wife likes to travel. Hopefully, work pressures and vacation days would have been used more effectively (I don’t like to plan).I think the locations of the vacations we took, which involved travels to mountains and lakes, would have probably remained the same. However, the ones to Legoland and zoos, might not have occurred. If anything more trips farther to the south and midwest might have been on our plate.

I might have continued to teach beyond the first year I was eligible to retire. A family insurance package I accepted to retire, might not have been as high a priority as staying in the field and increasing my income. Of course, not retiring when I did, would have changed my career choice. I wouldn’t have pursued an advanced certificate in Educational computing, which wouldn’t have provided me with as many opportunities to learn and teach more about technology, which I really like doing now. Also, I would not have followed my desire to tell stories publically. I would still be limited to just telling in my school system.  

If I were to guess, I would be less of the teacher I was, for two reasons. One is the experience that I gained as a parent gave me more credibility when giving my teacher strategies to other parents. Most of the parents I dealt with accepted my wisdom, which I had gleaned from having taught many years. There were those few that took my advice and observations of their children as one who had no experience with having his own children. It is a dilemma that some young, unmarried teachers have, which I would assume would be magnified, the older I got. The second reason is the direction that education has gone, with common standards, more mandates, and less time to actually do some of the things that I had been doing throughout my career (see http://www.hdhstory.net/Storyblog/?p=291) I think that the stresses of the job would have made my life much less fulfilling.

My writing would be much more school focussed, as that was the only topics I wrote about during my teaching days.

Think of all the children’s television shows and video games I would not have been introduced to.

And the friendships that I have gained over the years might be different, due to possibly traveling more and certainly I wouldn’t have met my daughter-in-law and her family, which would have been a great loss, though I wouldn’t have known it.

The biggest difference I think would probably becoming more of an adult, looking at life through adult eyes, more serious, not as silly and not having as much fun as I did growing up with my child.

I feel sorry for the me, who never had kids, in that parallel universe, though it would be interesting to meet him and see where he’s been. What if there was a way to meet the parallel you? I can just imagine! (But I already did that letter.)

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